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Our Rooms

Learning Through Play

Our learning environments are designed to meet the needs of both children and families through specific goals and objectives. We focus on building from the strengths of each child, taking advantage of every teachable moment.


The Toddler Room is situated in the best part of the building, next to our fabulous outdoor area. The toddlers can have free access to outside and inside resources giving the children an opportunity to make their own choices. Toddlers are based on a 1:4 ratio. In the Toddler Room there are experienced nursery staff who are all first aid trained.

Our Rooms: Projects


The Baby Room can hold up to 15 babies a day. It’s based on a ratio of 1:3. In the Baby room there are experienced nursery staff who are all first aid trained.


As we all know children have hundreds of questions, and our children in the Inventors Room are no exception. We can go from hiding treasure from bad pirates to having picnic with the Queen in a matter of hours. The children are our source of knowledge in this room and their take ownership of their learning. Their questions lead our play, and our practitioners support children in celebrating their skills and sharing their knowledge with others. Open-ended resources are provided to support and challenge their learning.

Outdoor Play

Each age group has access to our spectacular outdoor area which includes a race track, digging and planting areas, sand and bark pit and a reading garden situated at the bottom of the garden. The children also have access to Heaton Park. This is the second-largest municipal park in Europe and it is right on our doorstep.

Our Rooms: Projects
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